Within the food industry, sustainability is gaining more focus than ever. Our customers are increasingly concerned with the impact they are making on the environment, which is why we are constantly on the lookout for the best packaging solutions out there.
Food packaging plays a huge part in protecting food from harmful contaminants and keeping the consumers safe.
By choosing the right packaging, you can extend the shelf life of your product, thereby also decreasing the wasting of food.
If the consumer also recycles the packaging correctly, the impact on the environment after use is severely minimized.

Overall, we are working on the aspects above by:
• Having Top Cups containing up to 85% recycled plastic.
• Sealing our Top Cups with aluminum or PET lids, both produced in mono materials to ease re-use and recycling.
• Using cardboard that consists of a mixture of new and old recyclable paper, which is FSC certified and suitable for recycling.

Energy efficiency
At Crispy Food we are especially aware of environmentally friendly production processes and are committed to responsible usage of energy, water and raw materials. Our ovens run on natural gas, in order to reduce our CO2 emission. To stay on track for the future, we are also investing heavily in the latest and most efficient production equipment.

Waste management
Aiming for “Zero Food Waste”, we use the residual waste from our production as an ingredient in animal feed.
We are also very environmentally aware of making sure we sort our waste correctly. We sort our cardboard, foil and paper separately, to ensure re-usage and re-cycling.

Raw materials
The raw materials we use are carefully selected, so that we can always offer products that are as natural as possible. Our products are GMO-free and we do not use palm-oil in our production.