Protein is hot!

Protein is one of the biggest global food trends – in Europe, the trend is making a particular mark in the dairy sector. But this is certainly not the only category to offer obvious opportunities to develop products. It is a general trend.


Crispy at the forefront

Innovation is one of our keywords, and through an innovation project, Crispy Food International has developed unique, tasty high protein products. One of the products is Muesli – and with more than 20% of the energy coming from protein, we are talking about “real” high-protein products that can be marketed as such.

In the development of these high-protein products, we have focused on maintaining both the flavour and the crispy texture.


Protein – and the consumers

Consumers demand healthy, natural solutions that can be part of their diet. Not least in the battle to build muscle and control their weight.

Protein is a source of energy and leaves you feeling really full – with a great mouthfeel. The characteristics of protein are therefore perfectly in line with current health trends – and for consumers, protein is seen as a natural way to control their weight.

So, this area is not only interesting for consumers and Crispy: We see numerous opportunities to develop exciting and relevant products together with our customers.