Consumers snack!

Today’s consumers not only snack between meals, but snacks of all kinds are now increasingly taking the place of meals. More and more consumers now consider everything as a snack: from fruit and nuts to dairy products, snack bars, chocolate, crisps and pastries.

Targeted product development

To ensure success when developing new snack products, it is important to look at how the product measures up to current food trends relevant to that product, and to create a context or scenario which allows the consumer to enjoy the snack without feeling guilty. In short, success is about targeting the product to the right segment.

Lifestyle and snacks

Lifestyle plays an important role – and one of the main characteristics of the modern grab-and-go target group is a focus on health and well-being. At the same time, they have an open and experimental approach to new products and are eager to be challenged by new ingredients and new types of products – and finally, the target group is less price sensitive than the average consumer, often spending money on new and expensive things.

Joint development

Crispy Food is offering to develop ideas and products in close cooperation with our customers with a view to creating innovative, new and healthy snacking successes in handy grab-and-go packaging formats. To create products that suit the latest trends to a tee. In extension of this, Crispy Food is offering a couple of newly developed and trend-friendly sweet and savoury products, which can form the basis of further cooperation and the creation of new combinations to meet future trends:

  • Sweet Granola snacks in bite-sized pieces
  • Savoury Granola snacks in bite-sized pieces
  • Extruded snacks in bite-sized pieces

The possibilities are endless

There is current demand for similar solutions to enjoy when the evening munchies strike, when travelling, at festivals, on camping trips or at picnics. Here, we are talking about combinations of cream cheese and crackers in a grab-and-go format, for example. Or combinations of coffee to go with something sweet in a top cup that makes it easy to handle on the go – all possibilities with good potential.