Breakfast on the go – a growing trend

Our busy lifestyles are having a growing impact on our eating habits, starting when we get out of bed in the morning. This has created a new and growing market for a range of food products that are easy and convenient to transport, handle and enjoy. Breakfast cereals in particular are the obvious choice for this growing, new market trend.

Growth in several ways

More and more people are starting the day by eating their breakfast on the go – in the car, on public transport or simply while walking. On weekdays, there is also a growing tendency to eat a second breakfast later in the morning at work or at school. At this point in the day, people need to stabilise their blood sugar levels with a “refuelling snack” that fills them up until lunch. In such situations, it makes sense for the consumer to be able to choose products in a grab-and-go format.

Innovative concepts

Given this growing need for grab-and-go breakfast solutions, Crispy Food is offering more innovative packaging concepts and products that meet these specific market needs. Together with our customers, we develop product concepts in practical grab-and-go packaging in cups with a Top Cup snap-on lid filled with a crispy or liquid topping.

  • Instant porridge – ready to eat after adding boiling water
  • Muesli or granola – ready to eat with fresh milk
  • Flakes or extruded cereals – ready to eat with fresh milk

Several advantages

These products tick all the right boxes for a quick and delicious breakfast on the go. They are filling and provide an energy boost to keep you going; they are practical when you are busy; they taste good and offer a high degree of enjoyment – and, last but not least, they meet growing consumer demands for healthier solutions in these situations. The market is growing and you can challenge us with grab-and-go solutions for your own products.