An increasing part of our daily food intake is between main meals!

A growing proportion of what we eat is eaten between the traditional mealtimes, both in the form of convenience foods and on the go. Increasingly, on-the-go items are not just snacks, but convenience foods such as yogurts, salads, soups and porridge with delicious, healthy and nutritious toppings.

But why should you as a manufacturer enter the convenience foods and on-the-go market – and what factors contribute to growth of the category?


More options, greater revenue

If you are not already in the on-the-go category, you can launch products without any cannibalisation of your existing products taking place. And if you are not in the market, this can be a fantastic opportunity to sell your existing products in a new market with new eating habits – and a significantly higher price point. Crispy Food offers inspiring solutions that make this possible for you!


A flourishing market

Changes in the structure of both family life and society as a whole play an important role. Living conditions are changing, creating bright prospects for the convenience foods and on-the-go market.

-The number of single-person households is set to increase, with single people spending more money on eating out and on the go. Breakfast at home may often be skipped, because it is more convenient to have a tasty meal on the train.

-In traditional families, the trend is also moving towards the convenience segment. Typically, both adults work; increased pressure of work and family obligations make for a more stressful lifestyle, hence the need for fast, but good, meal solutions. Here, there is room for simple, yet delicious, evening meals, and porridge with a tasty topping, for example, as a delicious, sensible and fast after-school snack solution.

Urban living also boosts the turnover of on-the-go products. The likelihood of coming across an offer to eat is obviously greater on a pedestrian street than on a country road. And as the influx of population from rural to urban areas continues, the target group will grow accordingly.


What do consumers want?

Junk food is losing ground to healthier options. People want to feel a proper sense of fullness; the taste and nutritional content must be in order, and it must be easy. They also want extra energy to see them through their busy day. The general trend increasingly seems to be for consumers to demand the same from their snacks and convenience foods as they do from their traditional, healthy diet. It has quite simply got to feel – and be – healthy!


Crispy Food is your Product Development Partner!

Our dedicated R&D team at Crispy Food is working with great focus on the key global food trends in order to deliver trendy new products to you and your customers. The great focus on trends, market and consumer insights ensure that we create innovative new product and packaging concepts – always in line with your requirements.

We have the solutions that can take your products on-the-go and bring them uniqueness.