Customer cases

The cases on this page show how we’ve helped some of our customers solve their product development needs. We hope you’ll find them inspiring.

Koldskaal med kammerjunkere top

No one thought it could be done


Buttermilk koldskål, a traditional treat in Denmark, was about the last dish most people could imagine going mobile, but dairy giant Arla wanted to give it a try anyway.

To help Arla take koldskål on the road, Crispy Food partnered with an external packaging supplier to innovate a new Top Cup solution that was perfect for a slightly smaller-then-usual portion of the Danish delight.

The solution enabled Arla to beat everyone else to market with an on-the-go version of this evergreen – complete with a spoon. The new product proved a hit with consumers, and saw a product once enjoyed only at the table moving into trains, cars and beyond.



Not your grandmother’s porridge


Porridge on the go? Now that’s a tough one. Or so Denmark’s Aurion thought before bringing Crispy Food on board to design a portable packaging concept.

The Crispy Food team quickly produced an ideal new solution combining a bottom for the porridge and a Top Cup for toppings.

In next to no time, Aurion was able to satisfy customers in Denmark and the Netherlands with a gluten-free, organic product that met a market need perfectly.