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Variations of Cereal

Corn Flakes

Organic and Glutenfree (450101)

Oat Flakes

Conventional and Organic (500012)

Barley Flakes Crunchy

Conventional (500021)

Baby Corn Flakes

Conventional (500030)

Mini Corn Flakes

Conventional (500060)

Mini Bran Flakes

Conventional and Roasted (500031)

Mixed Flakes
Organic Buckwheat Flakes

Organic and Glutenfree (450100)

Rye Flakes

Conventional and Raw (500016)

Buckwheat Flakes

Organic and Raw (450103)

Rye Flakes

Organic and Roasted size 5-8 mm (450099)


Conventional, Roasted exstruded Rice (500044)


Organic, Glutenfree and Crunchy (450021)

Popped wheat

Conventional 100% wheat (500022)

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