Bright ideas and food concepts

At Crispy Food, convenience food concepts start with consumer needs and wishes, and creative ideas for how to meet them. Here are a few of the ideas we’ve worked with recently.

Clean label products

“Natural” is in, but the word isn’t always trusted. “Clean-label” products feature the natural qualities consumers want, but often rely on more specific language – like “minimal processing” – to convey the value

High protein dairy

Next-generation dairy products are rich in protein and manage to surprise consumers with appealing new flavours. The trick is to give consumers protein and great taste using natural ingredients and simple processes.

High protein everything

Dairy isn’t the only “high protein” game in town. With protein-rich diets like Paleo in fashion today, consumers are looking for any product that can help them lose weight while tasting good and leaving them feeling satisfied.

Health and weight control

For the growing segment of consumers concerned about their weight, products that promote weight loss – and good health in general – are a major theme that presents opportunities for most food and beverage producers

Plain good taste

Whatever new consumer trends affect the food and beverage industry, great flavour will always be in demand. If you can supplement good taste with healthiness and clean-label virtues, you could well have a winner on your hands.

Free from…

Sometimes with convenience food, what a product doesn’t contain is just as important as what it does. Gluten-free, sugar-free, GMO-free – you name it, and you’ll find consumers who will buy your product for not containing it.